I am often asked how I got started in this business.  On June 8, 2021, I was interviewed by the most amazing "Princess Diane von B."  Below is an excerpt from the interview.  To discover more about the inception of ViaLove Designs, check out this fun interview:  https://princessdianevonb.com/2021/06/08/enchanting-discoveries-people-places-things-vialove-designs/ 

P DvB:  How did you get interested in creating your beautiful jewelry? 

JE:   Well that’s an interesting story. When I first began my business back in 2002, I took a poll with my family to help me choose the best name for my business. We all decided we liked “Jen Ecklund Designs” the best and so JenEcklund Designs was born and that is the business name I used for years. Then 9 years ago I was listening to a teaching series all about Love— that love is the most important thing we can learn and do in this life. Love is patient, kind, selfless and it never dies. It was through this teaching that I began to evaluate myself and how I viewed my business. I did not want my business to be about me- showcasing me or my art – but about something more.  I wanted my jewelry to be impactful and to touch a person’s soul.  Everything I do is with that in mind.  It’s about how I maintain a sense of peace when I work. I will not create something if I feel stressed. I listen to beautiful, calming music and often pray while I’m working. It’s about having integrity in my business and with everyone I work with from vendors to customers.  Every piece of jewelry is designed and created by me- one piece at a time, never mass produced.  All of these tenets are the backbone of ViaLove and why I chose this business name.  It’s important to me that everything I do be done in love – Via Love.